Discover Our Stuffed Naan

Try our fresh HALAL stuffed naan with delicious fillings like Chicken, BBQ, Palak Paneer, and more. The perfect addition to any meal.

Chai Khatai

Indulge in the Best Chai

Savor the rich and creamy taste of our chai and experience the warmth of South Asian hospitality.

Discover Naan Staap
Sip on the Beast Chai by NaanStaap, Pakistani Tea Culture

Sip on the Best Chai in London

Indulge in our classic and specialty chai flavors, including karak chai, flavored chai, sugar-free chai, English tea, and Kashmiri tea. Made with authentic spices and brewed to perfection, our chai is a must-try for any tea lover.

story behind the cup

Discover the Story Behind your Cup

Scan the QR code on your Naan Staap cup and discover the inspiration behind its design. From our winter cup to our Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan cup, each cup has a unique story to tell. Check out our “Know Your Cup” to learn more.

chicken jalfrezi

Experience desi Cuisine Flavor

Our menu features a variety of mouth-watering options, including stuffed naan, burgers, sandwiches, fries, desi cuisine, and sweets. our dishes transport your taste buds straight to South Asia. Browse our menu to see our full range.

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Gateway to You

Catered Event

If you are planning a celebration or a family get-together, let us take care of the food details so you have time to greet your guests with style. With each event that we cater, we continually develop a reputation. We help you create memorable celebrations for your special meet-ups.

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Profitable and Consistent Growth is the Ingredient to achieve our Goals

At Naan Staap we are actively involved in the development of delicious traditional South Asian recipes to cater to the growing demand for ‘desi’ food. We’ve grown into a top-notch Pakistani Fusion brand by continuously offering home taste and quality service, in addition, our expert staff (chefs to in-house restaurant staff) focuses on LOVE and measures to ensure home-like deliverables. Our scrumptious menu has been appreciated enormously.

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