Sip of Eternity

Karak Chai

Sip on the Blessing

It’s a sweet blend of the finest tea leaves, milk, and cardamom, Boiled on the stove for the required taste.

Sugar Free Available
karak chai, Pakistani Tea Culture
green-tea, Pakistani Tea Culture

Green Tea

Sip on Relish

A perfect hot cup of water and green tea that heals almost everything.

English Tea

Sip on the Blessing

The English tea that is English in every way. A western cup to sip on in a Desi stop.

masala chai


Heart Beat Skip

  • Chai Latte: Chai Latte is desi coffee, a blend of coffee beans and karak chai topped with whipping cream.
  • Masala Chai: A five-spice blend with milk and tea leaves is the masala chai.

Pink Tea

Kashmiri Chai

Our Pink tea has saltiness of tradition and can be made to taste sweet per request. Finished with a sprinkle of flaked almonds.

Kashmiri-chai, Pakistani Tea Culture
Flavored Chai naan Staap
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Flavored Chai

Sip on Relish
  • Cinnamon Chai: Karak Chai with a pinch of cinnamon is the choice of many tea lovers.
  • Caramel Chai: A mix of coffee, tea, and candy is Karak Chai with a caramel taste.
  • Vanilla Chai: Karak Chai with vanilla as flavour is a drink for you to try. Soothing, delicious, and aromatic.
  • Karak Chocolate: The hot chocolate gets infused with karak chai and topped with whipping cream.
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