Our Catering Service

We know how to deliver a special get-together experience over some amazing sips of a diverse range of Chai’s with mouthful bites on ‘Shami Kebab Bun’. Naan Staap’s professional approach, using a team of multi-talented chefs, enables us to invent and orchestrate a family-like gathering for your guests with home-like cooked food and experience. We can be your one-stop food shop for your friends and family meetups, providing as little or as much assistance as you need with tea time fun.

Our Venue

Naan Staap will be extending the catering service in the near future, but as for now, our venue is your place.

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Naan Staap was created to provide you with the best possible on-site Pakistani cuisine experience. Our founders aimed on manifesting the same experience to a group of people, and this is where the catering venture became a part of us. We already know that events like family gatherings are special, but why not make them memorable by calling Naan Staap to help you cater the event? Our menus have a lot to make a difference and it clearly shows.

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Our Specialties include catering to:

  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Family Picnics
  • Holiday Parties
Birthday catering service naan staap
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