The Magnificent Corkscrew Horned Goat


The adorable attribute goat stands as high as six feet, weighs up to 240 pounds, and has an epic beard extending from jaw to underbelly, the Markhor is what makes an awe-inspiring fairytale goat, associated with bravery. Markhor is a Persian word meaning “snake-eater” or “snake-killer.” Although, the goat in reality differs – somewhat resembling a Reindeer – In folklore, is allegedly able to kill snakes with its spiral horns. Ranging from northern India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to Turkestan, the Markhor live high in the mountains anywhere from 2,000 to 11,800 feet in elevation. 

Currently listed as critically endangered, the Pakistan government has made it the national animal and the mascot for their intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence in hopes of spreading awareness and awe at the magnificent ancestor of the goat.

Naan Staap aims to do the same! Show you how magnificent this animal is, by featuring it on our sip-of-eternity Chai cup.


P.S. Did you know, like humans some Markhors are more extroverted than others 😉 Read here for more interesting facts: https://bit.ly/3Fx7gif

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