Pakistan Truck Art


If you pay attention to advertisements, or if you browsed and saw some very inspirational colorful floral patterns and calligraphy on trucks or buses rumbling down roads and highways of Pakistan – you certainly witnessed the amazing ‘Jingle Trucks’ of South Asia. These ornate trucks are more than just an expression of art in counties like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.

These bold and beautiful vehicles took the term “jingle” from the sounds of bells hanging down from the bumpers. The term was from the British Colonial period and was later used by servicemen in Afghanistan. That’s that for the name and history. Now, these amazing Jingle Trucks of another dimension are a very well-known and loved ‘Art & Craft’ idol for Pakistan. From roads and highways, handicrafts and ornaments, and furniture of Pakistan to the roads of the UK and US and UK, and furniture – Pakistan truck art is flourishing, loved, and recognized across borders.

Naan Staap is continuing the effort, letting you get influenced by the colors & patterns while sipping on your favorite hot drink!

Here’s a colorful documentary on Truck Art of Pakistan you should watch to fall in love with colors!

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