Waheed Murad – The Chocolate Hero


He had all rights to dazzle and look dapper… But who knew that he would rightly captivate the eyes and hearts of every possible soul who witnessed his charming expressions, appealing personality, affectionately tender voice, and unusual acting. Waheed Murad (October 1938 – 23 November 1983), born in Karachi, Pakistan, also known as “Chocolate Hero” was the most famous and influential actor in South Asia. This young man had so much to give to the industry, which he did – acting, production, and scriptwriting – along with the magic of his looks and acting skills – and his alluring performance in songs and their picturization was another factor that speaks volumes. His songs were one reason why most young men fantasized about being in love!

We call this “The Affect”!

Armaan was his production, he was the actor, and both made a pivotal impact on the sub-continent film industry. The same film gave the first pop song in Pakistan and of all South Asia. Naan Staap is giving the mesmerizing actor a tribute in our very own special way – A Cup with him, his song, and his lasting appeal on it!

The wording on the cup translates to:

= Ko Ko Korina

= Have Naan Staap Chai

Here’s the Youtube link for this Song:

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