Surprising Your Taste Buds!

At Naan Staap, we’re using the ingredients of East & Love and trying to deliver what you might have missed in a while! We offer you a traditional Desi, contemporary, and refined South Asian cuisine in a surrounding of spectacular art and décor, blending flavors, aspirations, and flights of fancy. All our food is HALAL.

NAAN STAAP offers a heavenly break, from sunrise to sunset!




Street Food





Naan Channay

The white channay (Chickpea) is cooked until tender in a bed of spices. This dish is a visit of taste buds to Pakistan.

Anarkali daal

Anarkali Daal

Made from split chickpeas that have been boiled and flavored with a blend of aromatic spices.

Chicken Jalfrezi 1

Chicken Jalfrezi

Fine boneless chicken is cooked in a strongly falovoured curry sauce & garnished with ginger strands and fresh coriander leaves.

Lamb Bhuna

Lamb Bhuna

The lamb shank is marinated and slow-cooked in an aerodynamic gravy of spices and herbs.

Lamb Hareesa

Lamb Hareesa

Hareesa similar to Haleem is infused with tender meat, wheat, barley, and a numebr of spices, & garnished with mini kababs.


Channa Bhatura

Our fluffy and classically made bhatura is served alongside our popular channa, accented with crunchy onions.

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