Surprising Your Taste Buds!

At Naan Staap, we’re using the ingredients of East & Love and trying to deliver what you might have missed in a while! We offer you a traditional Desi, contemporary, and refined South Asian cuisine in a surrounding of spectacular art and décor, blending flavors, aspirations, and flights of fancy. All our food is HALAL.

NAAN STAAP offers a heavenly break, from sunrise to sunset!




Street Food




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Karak Chai

It’s a sweet blend of the finest tea leaves, milk, and cardamom, boilded on stove for the required taste.

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Masala Chai

A five spice blend with milk and tea leaves is the masala chai.

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Karak Chocolate

The hot chocolate gets infused with karak chai and topped with whipping cream.


Pink Tea (Kashmiri Chai)

Our Pink tea has saltiness of tradition and can be made to taste sweet per request. Finished with a sprinkle of flaked almonds.

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Cinnamon Chai

Karak Chai with a pinch of cinnamon is the choice of many tea lovers.

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Caramel Chai

A mix of coffee, tea, and candy is Karak Chai with caramel taste.

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Vanilla Chai

Karak Chai with vanilla as flavour is a drink for you to try. Soothing, delicious, and aromatic.

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Sugar free Chai

A perfect blend of milk, tea leaves, and cardomom w/o sugar.

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Chai Latte

Chai Latte is the desi coffee, blend of coffee beans and karak chai topped with whipping cream.

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Green Tea

A perfect hot cup of water and green tea that heals almost everything.


English Tea

The English tea that is English in every way. A western cup to sip on in a Desi stop.

lamonade 500ml


Indulge in the irresistible allure of lemonade, where the vibrant citrus notes dance harmoniously with a hint of sweetness, resulting in a tangy and thirst-quenching drink.

Mango lassi 500ml

Mango Lassi

A delicious blend of mango, yoghurt and milk and ice for the heathenish feel.

Karak chai frappe

Karak Chai Frappe

Our traditional Karak Chai is chilled and frothed into a soothing summer drink.

Karak Latte Frappe

Karak Latte Frappe

Karak Tea, Coffee, milk, ice, and latte flavor are frothed into a soothing latte frappe. 

Pink tea strawberry frappe

Pink Tea Strawberry Frappe

The Kashmiri Chai (Pink Tea) gets a boost of ice and froth transforming it into a chilled drink. 

Classic Mojito

Classic Mojito

The classic mint mojito is a refreshing and timeless cocktail that combines the invigorating flavors of muddled mint leaves, zesty lime juice, and a hint of sweetness, resulting in a perfectly balanced and satisfying drink.

Pomegranate Mojito

Pomegranate Mojito

The Pomegranate Mojito is a tantalizing blend of juicy pomegranate, zesty lime, and refreshing mint, creating a delightful and fruity twist on the classic cocktail.

Blue Lagoon Mojito

Blue Lagoon Mojito

This visually stunning drink features the classic combination of muddled mint leaves and tangy lime juice, but takes it to the next level with a captivating splash of blue curaçao.

Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Mojito

The Strawberry Mojito is a tantalizing blend of fresh strawberries, zesty lime, and aromatic mint, resulting in a delightful and fruity twist on the classic cocktail.

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Soft Drink

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Fruit Shoot (Orange/ Black Current)

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Bottled Water

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